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Financial Accounting & Supply Chain Management Solutions . . SunSystems

Savannah Computing is the local distributor for the suite of SunSystems Financials Solutions, from one of the major international software suppliers Infor.  SunSystems is a leading financial management and accounting solution used by over 18,000 companies worldwide. SunSystems is available in 30 different languages and is implemented in over 190 different countries worldwide. The product family is unique in its global reach, providing a combination of international functionality and local support unrivalled by even the largest enterprise application vendors.

At the heart of the SunSystems solution is a single, integrated ledger that combines the functionality of nominal ledger, receivables and payables ledger, project ledger, cashbook and user-defined ledgers. This provides for a powerful real-time financial transaction processing engine that immediately makes apparent the impact of any financial posting. 

SunSystems financial modules fully support the operational management of a business by providing complete and instant access to finance and accounting information. The solution covers all dimensions of financial management including nominal ledger, consolidation, corporate allocations, multi-currency, dual-base currency, fixed assets, budget management and debtor management. It has been accredited by KPMG as being Sarbanes-Oxley and IFRS compliant and can also support multiple GAAP reporting. 

Infor Q&A forms an integral reporting component of the system and is unsurpassed in its flexibility and reporting capability in extracting all the financial information available in SunSystems. This together with Infor Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboard provides a comprehensive and flexible view of the Financial Indictors of the organisation.

With Infor SunSystems, you get a best in class enterprise financial management solution that adapts to your business needs. We work directly with leaders and experts to write industry-specific best practices into the code, eliminating the need for costly customizations.

Financial Services

Whether you're part of a growing organization or a global enterprise, Infor SunSystems delivers a sophisticated financial management solution. Capturing critical analysis to support strategic decisions, unlock data needed to drive peak performance, and get real-time financial information and reports delivered anytime, anywhere, on any device.


  • Self-service planning, budgeting, forecasting, and reporting tools
  • Meets local and regulatory reporting requirements in more than 190 countries
  • Multijurisdictional reporting to accommodate international offerings
  • Ideal as an administrative ERP and a two-tier option for global enterprises

Oil & Gas

Financial managers for oil and gas enterprises know that accounting is no easy task when you view the world as a single market. Infor SunSystems is used extensively in the upstream oil sector to help manage local variations in language, currency, and business standards, flexibly determine procurement processes, and ensure consistency through joint venture cost allocations.


  • Joint interest billing
  • AFE tracking as a key O&G requirement
  • Asset maintenance and uptime reporting
  • Extended analysis dimensions for multiple LOBs
  • Complex analytical and ad-hoc queries
  • GAAP; IFRS & statutory reporting


The insurance industry’s unique challenges include a need to respond to customer demands more profitably and bring new product to market more quickly, along with the increased burden of regulatory governance. With Infor SunSystems, you can simplify complexity and meet regulatory requirements with speed and accuracy.


  • International deployment
  • Consistent risk management and visibility
  • Multi language and currency reporting
  • Insight transitioning to more profitable, marketable products
  • Optimized capacity utilization across multiple locations


The distribution industry demands flexible technology to deliver better customer service and expand profitability. With Infor SunSystems, distributors can easily integrate a world-class financial system into the operational hub and gain visibility across the enterprise, setting up better decision-making and a faster pace of business.


  • Tools to operate and grow locally and globally
  • Support for complex pricing among suppliers, distributors, and customers
  • Integration of business intelligence dashboards and mobile technology
  • Capability to manage a variety of inventory arrangements


Charitable and non-profit organizations need to provide insight and stability for agencies that often are remotely located around the world. With lightweight deployment options, Unicode multi-lingual environments, multidimensional data models, and global multi-tier deployment options, Infor SunSystems offers flexibility and visibility across the extended enterprise.


  • Impact reporting
  • Grant/fund tracking
  • Project accounting
  • Asset maintenance
  • Complex analytical and ad-hoc queries
  • GAAP; IFRS & statutory reporting
  • Encumbrance accounting
  • GL and strategic ledgers
  • Multi-currencies
  • Procurement modules

Professional Services

Providers of professional services have to manage complex accounts that may include disparately structured customer relationships. Infor SunSystems organizes and streamlines operations, integrating financials with project accounting and billing, and helping you to schedule the right resources, accurately record time and expenses, and ensure timely billing and recovery.


  • Project planning
  • Time & expense billing
  • Multidimensional data model
  • Complex analytical and ad-hoc queries
  • Contract management
  • Multiple currency for expense, reporting and billing
  • Extended analysis dimensions
  • Global – multi-tier deployment
To arrange a demonstration or for more information, please contact us at 868 623 3829 or at sales@savannahcomputing.com


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