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Reporting & Business Intelligence – SharperLight

Savannah Computing Limited is the local distributor for PhiLight and their Business Intelligence solution, SharperLight.

SharperLight is a framework which makes it easy for users to get control of their data in a way that no other BI solution can. It empowers users to perform rapid analysis with a simple to use query engine over single or multiple systems simultaneously. It aligns perfectly in mature BI environments, co-existing with other enterprise solutions, or it can form a foundation for companies beginning their reporting journey.
The SharperLight team has over 70 years experience in delivering simplified business intelligence to over 28,000 customer sites globally, both from a development and from a consulting point of view.

SharperLight seamlessly works with your core FMIS and any customisations, 3rd-party products and/or other applications such as:




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