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Proactive Policy Management- PolicyHub™

Savannah Computing is the local distributor for the complete range of Mitratech product suite, including PolicyHub, the link in the compliance process….

PolicyHub automates the process of creation, dissemination, audited electronic delivery and understanding measurement of Statutory Compliance & Internal Operating Procedures

The continual growth in and changes to Legislation and Regulations means that all organisations face a tidal wave of compliance requirements. These include Banks, Insurance Companies & Financial Institutions who are regulated by the Financial Services Authority; Local Government who are subject to constant change in Policy from Central Government, the Pharmaceutical and Energy sector.

PolicyHub provides Managers with the ability to prove beyond doubt to Regulators, Internal Auditors, District Auditors and Board Members that Statutory Compliance & Internal Operating Procedure best practices are accurately deployed, communicated and implemented.

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To arrange a demonstration or for more information, please contact us at 868 623 3829 or at sales@savannahcomputing.com


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